The Project SBAM

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A new approach to DJing on computer.

SBAM stands for Software Based Abled Mixer. This project aims to help DJs concentrate about the important aspects of DJing, and to decrease the stress factor. SBAM is intended for the DJs that have no need for beatmixing or other advanced mixing techniques, this depends mostly on which type of music you play. This means you'll be limited when it comes to creative individual mixing of tracks. Instead you'll be able to concentrate about finding the right track for the audience. By using a computer for DJing has a number of advantages. You don't have to carry around all your records, and you don't have worry about people stealing them either. You don't need expensive DJ hardware, computers are cheap and the best software in life is free. And with this software, the computer helps you do your job, without embarrassing mistakes like stopping the wrong CD.

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