Human Garbage Disposal
Tuesday 3. July 2007

The Danish oldschool death/thrash band Human Garbage Disposal is to enter the studio to record a three track demo late July.

The demo is set to be mixed during August/September.

Started working on this new site engine
Monday 4. June 2007

Today I started a rather major rewrite of the studio site.

Expect to see a gallery, updated news, rss feed, band list and many other things.

Friday 26. January 2007
The tech-grind-death band The Ghostname has been by the studio in December to record their demo This Wooden Box is Gloomy and Utterly Bereft of Concern for Human Scale. The mixing and mastering has just been finished. Check it out on their myspace site.
Wednesday 1. November 2006
The oldschool blackmetal band Isenkram has been visiting the studio and recorded two tracks which will be available on their mymusic website in a few days. The tracks are called "Violated by Rape" and "Devil Sperm". Both the recording and the mixing has been done by me.
DIE to enter the studio for the third time.
Saturday 6. May 2006
DIE will be entering the studio this week-end to record a single track.
The Insidiöus Törment recording and mixing is done.
Sunday 20. November 2005
The two tracks has been recording, clipped and mixed, and has now been sent out for mastering. The result will probably be available for download on their website soon.
Our new website is done.
Wednesday 16. November 2005
Thanks to Lars Bisballe Jensen we can now proudly present our new webdesign. Enjoy!
Insidiöus Törment to enter the studio.
Monday 7. November 2005
Insidiöus Törment will enter the Aasimon studio this Friday (11/11-2005), to record 2 tracks.
This website aired.
Monday 7. November 2005
The website of the Aasimon studio has aired today.